I earned an Associates of Arts degree in Social Sciences way back in 1989 when we had to type our term papers on an electric  typewriter, no command/control z and no copy and paste features.  Then I set out into the world and went to work. I’ve had some success and some failures just like so many of us, but the real reason Why I’m going back to college is that I’ve been feeling a sense of nostalgia for those happy years when I thought I had a lot to say. But I do have a lot to say, and since we live in a world full of social media platforms, I say it on social media (a lot of times read other People’s posts).

It is the nostalgia that lead me to start googling about going back to college, but it is my experience with technology and social media that influenced my decision to choose my topic of study: Applied Psychology with an emphasis in media and technology, which is the study of how media and technology move the minds of the people, and I have a lot to say about that!

But why college? I can learn by living! The truth is I have already learned by thinking about what I am writing in this post. I have learned by connecting to you all through this platform. College is structured learning. It brings like-minded people together so that we can learn not only what the teachers have to teach us, but we can also learn from each other.

My name is Derreck and this is Why I’m going back to college.