Taking responsibility

It is not so much the environmental or external stimuli but rather the way we internalize the external stimuli that shapes who we are. Last week’s topics included sensation and perception. We may sense external stimuli and perceive it in strict, common ways, but we internalize it individualistically. This is why we are all individuals even though sometimes we don’t act like it!

People have a choice to do either right or wrong regardless of their past. On the one hand, for any negative situation, by taking responsibility for one’s actions and admitting,

     “It’s all my fault! I let it (the negative situation) happen!”

we also take control of our lives and take positive action to prevent the negative situation from happening again.

On the other hand, those who blame society or other people for their negative situation concede control of their situation to society or the other people. It’s like saying,

        “It’s not my fault! They made it happen!”

Those kinds of people are going to waste their lives, waiting for other people to stop making those negative situations happen.


I do understand that some people have had a disadvantage in society. I know I have. The only question that I have for myself now is: Where am I going to go from here?