Semantics Communication and Understanding

I’m thinking we can understand a lot more about thinking and communication by understanding¬† semantics.¬† For example, I am writing an essay about the importance of using reliable sources in academic and professional life.¬† Reliable is the keyword to this thought.

Using reliable sources relates to academic and professional success because it helps us make well-informed decisions rather than uninformed and even misinformed decisions. It also helps us stay connected to people who also value the importance of sound information. I want to rely on reliable people, and I want them to rely on me. This is what makes a team. If any team member relies on unreliable information, and all the other team members rely on the unreliable team member, then the team is unreliable! On the other hand, , if we, as individual members of a team take full responsibility for the validity of the sources we rely on, then we become a reliable team!

Notice the emphasized words in the last paragraph. They are convey the same semantics but are used grammatically different. Do you think this makes for a clearer or a more vague act of communication.