Digital Skills Week 3

Big Data is more like an expertise beyond an associate degree. Big, powerful powerhouses like Google, Facebook and the US Government have massive databases beyond what my little mind can handle. I like little data

I learned little data while working for a dietician who was so old-fasioned that she had to keep all her records in her office. The records were kept either on paper, in Word or Excel; and I had to manage these records.

I had messed around with Microsoft Access before, but I didn’t really have a need for it until I started working for the dietician. The truth is I had no idea what SQL was or even what I was going to do with Access. So I started researching and found a YouTube channel that eventually led me to spend about $200 dollars on a video course. With the learning I was getting from the course, and the practice I was getting from my job, I learned how to use little data. The dietician still uses the Access forms and reports that connect to her database, and she doesn’t need to know anything about SQL.

My point is that BIG DATA requires much expertise gained through formal education and degrees, but little data only requires a want or need to use it.