Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic Motivation builds the Growth Mindset by instilling hope for success instead of discouragement and failure. I know hope is very important to education because I remember when I was in junior high school, I was a complete failure as a student. Looking back, I realize my failure was based on my belief that I was not good enough to be like my Dad who had once instilled so much inspiration in me. This belief left me with a static mindset for many years until I became somewhat inspired during my early adult years when I entered community college and earned my Associate of Arts degree.

After leaving college, I once again lost hope of ever being the man I always thought I was suppose to be. Instead, I went to work and became very motivated to just get by. This extrinsic motivation led me to become a residential manager/maintenance man, not the man I wanted to be when I had hope. 

My point is that we have to keep hope alive if we really want to succeed. Carol Dweck uses this concept to instill hope in her students by giving them challenges so that they believe in themselves. This is what I need to do to succeed. I just need to keep hope alive so that I can be who I always wanted to be.