Psychological Perspectives

Each of the major psychological perspectives mentioned in Chapter 1 of has a basis in reason, and each has many applications. What perspective or perspectives are better will depend on the specific questions being pondered. For example, in an attempt to motivate employees to work harder, a manager or supervisor of a factory might be interested in the behavioral perspective which recognizes rewards and punishments as motivators.

For those who want to study themselves, the psychodynamic perspective should provide good insight. After all, the mind being studied (the subject) is the same mind doing the studying (the researcher).  That is how to study “fantasies, wishes, dreams, and hidden motives”. Do it yourself! That’s what I do.

The best perspective is a unique mixture of these and many more less known perspectives. Everyone has a unique need to study psychology, and therefore, everyone needs a unique perspective. And that perspective should be fluid because there is too much change in this world to be static.