Radical Behaviorism?

The philosophy of radical behaviorism holds that free will does not exist and that all behavior is determined by physical elements such as the environment or genetic factors. I disagree with this philosophy because there is too much individualistic behavior in this world to discount free will.


I also disagree with the strict behaviorists who believe that thoughts and feelings should not be studied because they cannot be observed. However, thoughts can be analyzed by the person thinking those thoughts. Furthermore, thoughts and feelings can be shared with other people, perhaps psychologists or therapists.


I am not a professional psychologist, nor am I one who blindly follows in the footsteps of those who are. I believe for every action committed by an individual, there has to be thoughts and feelings behind such action. To understand those thoughts and feelings is to gain insight into the contributing factors of the action.


Do any of you have any thoughts or feelings about this? If so, please feel free to agree or disagree!