Relationship of Goals Week 4

One thing I learned the last three weeks is that I need to establish principles to help me reach my goals. One principle I decided to start following is to post at least one participation post before I engage in leisure time or do any other research outside the scope of this course (i.e., watch YouTube).

I also plan on following a principle of making at least some progress on the weekly assignment every day of the week.  I think by following these principles, I will be better prepared to reach all my other goals.

Over the last three weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals and how they relate to each other. One of my goals is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in two years or less. I have another goal which is to share my experiences in an online blog that people will read and understand. I believe that by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, I will gain the skills and insight to reach my goal of creating the blog. But I have another, more urgent goal of completing this class with a passing grade. In order to reach that goal I have another goal of finishing my assignments for this week.

My extrinsic motivation to reach for my goal of completing this week’s assignment on time and to the best of my ability will help me reach my other extrinsic goal of completing this class with a passing grade. And I am extrinsically motivated to reach that goal because it will help me to achieve my other extrinsic goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree. By reaching this goal, I believe I will be better prepared to reach my intrinsic goal of creating a blog that people will find insightful.

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