reliable sources

Using reliable sources relates to academic and professional success because it helps us make well-informed decisions rather than uninformed and even misinformed decisions. It also helps us stay connected to people who also value the importance of sound information. I want to rely on reliable people, and I want them to rely on me. This is what makes a team. We rely on each other.  If any team member relies on unreliable information, and all the other team members rely on the unreliable team member, then the team is unrealiable! On the other hand, if we, as individual members of a team take full responsibility for the validity of the sources we rely on, then we become a reliable team!


Knowing the importance of relying on realiable information is simple. The hard part is recognizing the many ways of deception being used to make misinformation seem reliable and nonsense seem logical. These are the obstacles that boggle my mind!

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