Why applied psychology?

Why do I study applied psychology?

I don’t want to become a psychologist. I just want to understand my own mental illness or my own mad mind. I don’t want to cure it. I just want to understand it.

I’ve been diagnosed with having a passive-aggressive, paranoid personality disorder with Avoidant traits. I guess what that means is that when I get mad or afraid, I run away. I take issue with that whole way of thinking, and here is why.

First, it seems logical to me that in order to define a disorder, there has to be strictly defined order to compare it (the disorder) to. But to apply a strictly defined order to individual personality seems Orwellian or totalitarian to me.

Second, I value my unique personality traits because I know that their has been many times when my avoidant traits have kept me out of trouble. And I know my introverted personality has allowed me to self-reflect and ponder the questions: Why am I who I am and how did I get this way?

I want to end with a clarifying note. I am not absolutely against diagnosing individuals with a disorder. Obviously, if an individual becomes dangerous to themselves and others off they become criminal, then they should be teated accordingly. All I am saying is that if people, even doctors, label other  people with disorders, then they should consider the values of individuality.